BIPOLARITY is loosely based on a true story.

The impetus for the story was the ten innovative songs, co-written during a three month hypomanic phase. The play became the vehicle for popularizing the songs. Each song represents a varying symptom of bipolar disorder, such as grandiosity, hyper sexuality, magical thinking, paranoia, addiction, cosmic universalities, and a deep alliance with underdogs. 



tells the story of JEROME, a quiet persona from a dysfunctional family with a childhood history of mixed episodic bipolar disorder and MICHAEL, a college bound athlete in the throes of his first psychotic break.  After meeting fleetingly in a plaza, where Jerome falls unconscious from an overdose of pills and Michael, in his first bipolar episode, is roaming around the streets rapping, they team up and become College Rap phenoms. Their writing and performing songs together becomes the glue that binds them to each other, no matter what the highs and lows of their diseases bring. 

Until, one day, it isn’t.

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