Our partners understand the complexity of mental illness and/or the intense impact of a theatrical performance.  The Divergent Dis-ease Theater Company is positioned to merge complexity and impact and bring them together in a unique forum -- to center stage -- with BIPOLARITY, an avant-garde musical about bipolar disorder.  To accomplish this, we must fill each audience so those in attendance may bear witness to our play which highlights the unrelenting plight and ongoing personal, social and political struggles of people who have had their lives completely up-ended by the onset of a mental illness. 


          At no financial cost to your organization, we’d like your organization to consider supporting our effort to bring BIPOLARITY, and hence bipolar disorder, into the public spotlight in Colorado.  As a partner, your organization can host and/or sponsor one or more performances of BIPOLARITY in a joint endeavor to bring mental illness to center stage and raise funds for your organization.

                                Become a partner with us in this endeavor.  There are two levels of partnership.


FUNDRAISING -- Your organization chooses a performance date(s) and markets it to the members of your organization and its associates as a fundraising event, which is also ground-breaking entertainment.


  1. HOST a performance -- Your organization chooses a performance date and markets it to your clients, customers and business associates as a fundraising event.

    1. As a token of our appreciation, no matter which fundraising type you choose, BIG or small, we offer the following promotional incentive; we want to give 2% of our net profits from the four week run to each organization that has sold a minimum of thirty-five, 2 for $36 tickets or seventy-six regularly priced tickets.

      1. small Fundraiser

        1. Friends of your organization receive a 10% discount ticket opportunity, 2 for $36.


        1. You set a fundraising level for the price of a ticket and promote ticket sales. Your organization automatically receives your ticket price minus the normal ticket cost, $20/ticket plus any applicable online service fee.


  1. We offer your organization talk back time after the performance, led by your members, our cast, or both.  If you want a talk back to include our cast, there is a nominal fee of $100 for their time.

  2. We offer your organization a table in the lobby for brochures, business cards, etc, and can be personally attended by your spokesperson.



SPONSOR --  the play

  1. Everything in the HOST section plus
    • “SPONSOR” designation in our pervasive social media marketing blitz
    • SPONSOR line mention in our program



          SPONSOR text and art in program

                ¼ page level: $150

                ½ page level: $200

                Full page level: $250



Available BIPOLARITY Performance dates for hosting:

Thursday    Oct 25, 2018       ____________________      Industry Night

Friday         Oct 26, 2018       ____________________      Gala Opening Night

Saturday    Oct 27, 2018       ____________________

Friday         Nov 2, 2018        ____________________

Saturday    Nov 3, 2018        ____________________

Friday         Nov 9, 2018        ____________________

Saturday    Nov 10, 2018      ____________________

Friday         Nov 16, 2018      ____________________

Saturday    Nov 17, 2018      ____________________

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