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By: Pam Hyde

                                                         WE IMAGINE. WE BELIEVE. WE HOPE.

Bipolarity is a new, ground-breaking musical. The musical deals with two late teen boys who are battling erratic conditions of their mental illness. Through their journey to recover, they find each other. Spitting lyrics becomes the therapeutic dynamism in their lives. 

                                                                   Until, one day, it isn’t.

Auditions Dates & Times:   to be posted at a later date

Rehearsal Location: 

     to be posted at a later date

     Non-Union   Stipend: $200   


     to be posted at a later date

Rehearsals: to be posted at a later date



MICHAEL - lead, Mav-rick Mike: spirited, inventive,  psychotic, zombie-like, always positive, enthusiastic-friend, caretaker, newly diagnosed person with Bipolar Disorder

JEROME- lead  Just Jerome: depressed, creative,

     insecure, amiable, philosophic, accepting of fate- lapdog, partner, friend.       Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when he was a child.

Chorus of 8- (Ages 17 & up)

     Chorus will play these character: Workers, Real estate,  Judicial, PetSmart,       Healthcare (PA/RN), Doc(tor), Cop ½, Mom, Dad, Uncle Mark, Sorority 

     Sisters, COED Chi Omega, Gina Salazar, LaShawn Moray, Andy, Uncle             Charlie, Joanie Tillinger, City Crowd, Concert Audience, Clients in                   treatment facility, passers-by in college quad, guard at Big-Mart,  Callers         for radio show, Ben & Mr(s). Collins.

***This is a highly physical show;

     Actors who are dancers &/or have Stage Movement Training are Highly Encouraged to Audition


Created by:   The Divergent Dis-ease Theater Company, Ltd.

Our jobs 

Thank you for your interest in working with Bipolarity.  Our show is under construction.

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